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Medicaid - Healthcare for Low-Income Families

Health Care Coverage: Low-income Families

A family with a parent or relative caring for a child under age 19 may receive health care coverage through Medicaid if certain income and resource requirements are met. DHS looks at a family’s income and compares it with the amount the family pays for basic needs such as rent, utilities, child care, and work-related expenses. Resources such as cash on hand, money in the bank and value of vehicles are also considered.

Those who receive Medicaid for Families can also get Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Families can choose if they want to receive one or both types of benefits. 

A family can receive Medicaid benefits as long as income and resource requirements are met. Before the end of each six month period of coverage, a renewal application is sent to the family.

How can I find a drug store that takes Medicaid?

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