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Emergency Preparedness


  1. First, make sure you are safe. Take a moment to assess the situation around you. If your surroundings are not safe or stable, find a safer location and/or follow the instructions of any safety officials or designated emergency responders present.
  2. Make contact with others around you and seek help if you need it. Once your own safety is assured, assist others in need of help if you are able and have the necessary training.
  3. If possible contact one emergency contact to let them know your status (excessive phone traffic compromises networks for everyone more quickly).
  4. If possible depending on the magnitude of the disaster/crisis and if you have Internet access, you may wish to register your status on the Red Cross “Safe and Well” site:
    • [The Red Cross “Safe and Well” site allows people affected by a disaster to post "safe and well" messages that their loved ones outside the disaster area can view. Registering yourself on the Safe and Well Website is entirely voluntary. You may also update your entry at any time. Privacy regulations limit the information about you that can be publicly displayed on the American Red Cross Safe and Well Website. When a family member or friend conducts a successful search, they will only be able to view your First Name, Last Name, the date you created your entry, and the "safe and well" messages you selected.]
  5. If the crisis/emergency/disaster occurs during business hours and you are onsite at one of the court’s locations designated emergency response personnel will instruct you what to do.

Emergency Information

  • The Agency Recorded Message Announcement (ARMA) number is 1-866-241-8461.
  • During a disaster or other emergency situation, the ARMA is a service that allows employees to call toll-free from anywhere in the country and receive an up-to-date voice message about the status of operations. This message will also provide callers with information about the functionality of the offices, where and when to report for duty, and what emergency services are available.

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