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Substance Abuse

What is the Substance Abuse Services Program?

A condition that requires people on supervision to participate in substance abuse treatment. Treatment may involve detoxification and consist of individual, family, or group counseling in an outpatient or residential setting. It also includes various methods of testing for the use of drugs.  Refer to the Substance Abuse Treatment webpage of our site for additional information, guidance, assistance, and resources.

Mental Health

What is the Mental Health Services Program

A condition that requires people on supervision to participate in mental health treatment. Treatment may include such services as psychological/psychiatric evaluations; individual, family, or group counseling; and medication.  See the mental health resource page for additional information and help

Post-Conviction Family Involvement

We are counting on your immediate family, relatives, friends, significant others, and support persons in your life to be involved in supporting you before, during, and after Court supervision to help you make positive changes, receive support and encouragement, and access needed resources.  See the link to this site for Family Help.

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We all owe an immeasurable debt to all our active duty and retired members of the military and reserves.  We also understand that mistakes and poor choices can be made by anyone of us.  This site is set up to provide quick access to the many benefits and opportunities available to veterans through local, state, and national government, and public service organizations. 

Please refer to the links below for quick reference in the areas of benefits, services, and support/advocacy assistance in all areas.


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