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Basic Needs

Many times we run into a situation where just being able to meet the basic needs of us and our families seems out of reach.  Simple things like a place to live, transportation, and food can be a challenge when you are new out of custody, or out of work. 

Please also refer to the individual navigation links listed below to find additional specific information, resources, links, and related documents and materials that will assist you in gaining access to childcareclothingfood, housing, healthcare, utilities/mobile devices/technology, hygiene, and transportation.  Additionally, many organizations listed below provide multiple services to meet basic needs.


Emergency Housing (Tennessee)

TN Coalition
Examples of Funding they CAN Provide:

  • Bus tickets
  • Utility deposits/payments
  • Rent deposits/payments
  • Gas Cards

MIFA Emergency Assistance

HUD Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance (Tennessee)

Rental Assistance Service Locator

Energy Assistance Progam (Tennessee)

Families First (Tennessee)

Food, clothing, and shelter

Tennessee Shelters and Emergency Housing- food, clothing, and shelter.