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Client Employment

We believe gainful employment is an important part of your supervision success.  Not only is it required by the Court, but it will also help you to achieve your goals, and help you support your family and avoid situations that might lead to new criminal activities.  To that end, the Probation Office will make every effort to assist you in finding and keeping meaningful employment by way of direct services, referral to community programs, and in some cases, direct job leads.  Our focus is to help you employment that fits your interest and skills, provides a liveable wage for

Client Assistance

Our Probation Office realizes that many of you who release from custody after paying your debt, come home with big goals and dreams to make things right again, yet so many things and people have changed and in some ways left you behind while you were gone.  Though we want you to grow stronger by working through much of it with personal effort and support of family and friends, we also know you will likely need some information, guidance, support, and resources from others trained to work with your unique needs and challenges.   We call it a "hand up" not a handout.  It will require


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